Here is a list of possible questions.  Feel free to email me with anything you don't see.  Also we are a small company with hard working people so while some of the rules below may seems hard and fast we do flex and bend.

Q: Can I use your service with out an account?
A: Yes, you can pay with cash, check or credit card.  However you will need to call 512-447-0985 to place the order.

Q: Why do certain communities or deliveries areas cost more than others?
A: We base our rates on the Central Business Region and the possibility of deliveries from that area.  In other words a driver is more likely to have another delivery in central Austin and Round Rock come up when he or she is complete versus completing delivery in Far South Austin, Manor, etc....

Q: What is a Dry Run?
A: A Dry Run is what we call a delivery that can not be fully completed either because the pickup/delivery address is incomplete, package is not availible, no one present to receive.  Typically you are charged full price for the delivery and an additional charge to fix the problem.

More to come.
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